Welcome to the North Shore

The winding roads and trails of Vancouver's infamous North Shore provide the proving (and improving) ground for all our eyewear.

antiFOG lenses

The RYDERS EYEWEAR permanent antiFOG layer resists fogging even in the most demanding conditions. It’s permanent and durable—it doesn’t wipe off and never needs to be reapplied or refreshed.

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Grilamid TR90 Frames

Grilamid TR90 is, without question, the best frame material for sports eyewear. It’s highly flexible, ultra-durable and extremely lightweight, making our frames very accommodating, comfortable, safe and long-lasting.

veloPOLAR™ lenses

RYDERS veloPOLAR™ lens is fine-tuned to give road cyclists the benefits of a polarized lens, without the compromises. It’s the ultimate in clarity, definition and fog resistance, and the first lens specifically developed for road cyclists.

the RYDERS standard

Each and every pair of RYDERS are built using manufacturing methods, tints, finishing and coatings of the highest quality. They also use polycarbonate lenses, the same material that is used in bulletproof glass and astronaut helmets. And this high standard is just our starting point.

photochromic lenses

Each photochromic lens contains millions of organic molecules that change shape and absorb light when exposed to ultraviolet radiation (UV). Simply put: when the sunlight changes, the tint changes.

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