Jason Kruk

You might notice something weird as you look through the athletes we sponsor. Particularly when you see Jason Kruk’s picture. “Where’s his bike?”, you angrily yelled at your screen. Kruk is the only non-bike athlete on our roster. While it doesn’t make sense in a lot of ways, we can’t help but support this guy. Not only is he humble, incredibly nice, and intelligent, but he’s arguably the most adventurous athlete we support. From alpine climbing, to ski touring, to paragliding, Jason does it all—often in the same day. Yes, we focus on bikes a lot at Ryders. But at the core, we’re about adventure. And Jason is the embodiment of the adventurous spirit that we live by. www.alpineartist.com IG: @jason_kruk TW: @alpineartist FB: www.facebook.com/jasonkruk