Ryan Leech

Ryan Leech is one of the pioneers in modern trials riding. Getting his start racing cross country, Ryan learned that riding ridiculous trail features and pulling off tricks was where he wanted to focus. Leech quickly reached legend status, and has appeared in several classic mountain bike films, such as the Kranked series and Ride to the Hills. Ryan continues to push the boundaries of trials to this day. When Ryan isn’t on his bike, he’s probably on a yoga mat. Earning his teacher certification in 2009, Ryan has dedicated part of his career to helping other riders stay healthy by balancing out the abuse they put their bodies through on the bike with downward dogs and handstands. To top it off, Ryan is a certified life coach as well. As multidisciplinary as they come, we now refer to Leech as Coach Yogi Trials Guy. www.ryanleech.com IG: @ryankleech TW: @rleech FB: www.facebook.com/rlaction