BC Bike Race – July 4 to July 12, 2019

Picture above courtsey of BC Bike Race. Racer wearing the Roam with FYRE lens.

Written by Richard Bailey, Amateur Cyclist
July 2, 2019

The British Columbia Bike Race (BCBR) describes itself as the “ultimate singletrack experience”. The race has been running since 2009 and takes place every summer in the rainforests of British Columbia. 650 Participants race for 7 long days over an average distance of 50km per day, on 75% singletrack. On top of all that, not all of the trails are open all year round, so the event description is more than justified.

Each year the organizers create a new route, which keeps people coming back again and again. Participants either race solo or in a team of two. This year’s race starts in North Vancouver and then goes through Cowichan Valley, Cumberland, Powell River, Sechelt, and finishes off in Squamish.

Each stage includes featured trails, which showcase the best or favorite trails that each local community wants to show off. These could be epic descents, beautiful flow trails, or even climbs. To keep you fueled, there are aid stations along the route and Shimano provide tech stations to keep your bike rolling. It is hardly a surprise that the BCBR attracts racers from nearly 40 countries.

With an event like this on our doorstep, we are of course involved! This year, like most years, Ryders will be at the BCBR to support the racers!

At Ryders we produce cycling eyewear that can deal with challenging conditions. Our specialties include antiFOG and photochromic lenses, which are what you will need for a seven day race through British Columbia. When the sun is shining, you will want to keep harmful UV rays at bay. It is almost guaranteed to rain as well here in B.C. When it gets cloudy and darker under the trees you still need to be able to see and keep debris out of your eyes. Our photochromic lenses react almost instantaneously to changing brightness levels to ensure that you always have a clear view of the trail. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not simply give our lenses a photochromic coating that will wear off over time. Instead, we inject our lenses with a permanent layer that will never lose its effectiveness.

Another consequence of damp conditions is that your sunglasses will want to fog up, especially when you are riding your bike. Obviously this is less than ideal when you are trying to win (or just complete) a 7-day stage race. Our antiFOG lenses are the best possible defense against condensation and will keep your view clear when everything else is damp.