6 Benefits of Sports Eyewear for Cycling

6 Benefits of Sports Eyewear for Cycling
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By Francis Cassidy - Professional Cycling Writer
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6 Benefits of Sports Eyewear for Cycling

6 Benefits of Sports Eyewear for Cycling

It’s not all about fashion. Sunglasses and goggles do more than just make you look cool on a bike. Understand why specialist eyewear is essential for cyclists.

Protective eyewear for cyclists isn’t only about fashion. They protect in rain, hail or shine. Shielding your eyes from everything from dust and insects, to water and UV.


Here are the 6 main benefits of sports eyewear for cyclists and how they will improve your ride:


  1. Protection from dust, dirt and insects

We’ve all had it happen. Descending at speed when suddenly your eyes start tearing up. At best it’s an inconvenience, at worst it’s outright dangerous. Whether it’s dust, dirt or a small bug, it’s an uncomfortable sensation that cyclists know all too well. Especially in those dry summer months, when the dust kicks up and the insects hover in the still evening air. With protective eyewear in place, you can avoid unexpected and dangerous distractions.


  1. Compatibility with Helmets

For those downhill mountain bikers with full-face helmets, goggles can be seamlessly integrated to offer complete eye and facial protection. Often designed to enhance the biking experience, models such as our Tallcan with double-layer lenses, prevent fog from forming on the inside. It allows you to pick out that line with supreme clarity whatever the conditions. It’s a fashion statement and a winning combo in every sense.


  1. Protection from harmful UV radiation

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) forms part of the invisible end of the spectrum. It consists of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. While small amounts of UVA and UVB  are beneficial, prolonged exposure to these wavelengths can lead to problems. Potential issues include cataracts and macular degeneration which can lead to loss of vision in the older generation. Ensure your lenses have UV protection to filter out the harmful rays.

Aside from radiation, there is also the problem of the sun’s heat. Constant and prolonged exposure to it causes dry eyes, which in turn leads to fatigue. Ensure you stay sharp and focused and give your eyes the protection they need.


  1. Enhanced vision in sub-optimal conditions

With a different kind of lens, eyewear can be quickly and easily tailored to current conditions. Whether it’s simply attenuating blue light on sunny days, heightening contrast on overcast days, or increasing visual acuity on grass, there’s a lens for it.

At Ryders Wear we have an impressive line of lenses to help ensure you’re covered for all terrain and conditions. Whether it’s our colorboost line that offers a rich visual experience and improved colour recognition, or our FYRE lenses for unmatched clarity and fog resistance, we’ve got you covered.

As well as enhancing overall enjoyment, having the right lens can be the difference between winning and losing. A second saved here and there by taking the optimal line, can quickly add up when navigating difficult terrain in sub-optimal conditions.


  1. Maximize your straight-on and peripheral vision

There are two things any cyclist will appreciate - unobstructed views and enhanced peripheral vision. Whether in the middle of the peloton, or navigating a singletrack at speed, every cyclist can do with enhanced vision.

At the top level, being able to instinctively process sensual data quickly is of paramount importance. Wraparound glasses with their ergonomically shaped frame and lack of an obstruction at the temple, allow you to widen your scope in the visual domain.

Propel yourself forward with confidence in the bunch or on the trails with an enhanced awareness of your surroundings. Check out our best-selling Anzana frames which are meticulously engineered just for this.


  1. You’re harder to read when competing

Road cyclists are all too familiar with this idea. The eyes are the gateway to the soul they say. If you keep them hidden and control your grimacing, your fellow competitors will find it much harder to read you as you grind up that climb in competition.

It’s a psychological advantage if anything, and let’s face it, at the top level, this is where it’s won and lost. Stay cool, calm and collected behind that eyewear, or at least pretend to be!

In conclusion: At Ryders Eyewear our impressive product line of glasses, goggles and lenses, will have you covered whatever the condition and whatever the discipline. Whether it’s that unobstructed peripheral vision, the attenuation of harsh light and UV radiation, or simply to keep the dirt and bugs out, you’ll find just what you need. With each and every product engineered for that stylish protection we pride ourselves in, let us help you take comfort and enjoyment to the next level.

March 23, 2020
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