7 Reasons to Wear High-Quality Sunglasses While Running

7 Reasons to Wear High-Quality Sunglasses While Running
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By Shannon Serpette - Kayaker, Runner, & Tennis Player
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7 Reasons to Wear High-Quality Sunglasses While Running

7 Reasons to Wear High-Quality Sunglasses While Running


If you’re a runner, chances are you’ve given plenty of thought to what kind of shoes you wear and whether your clothes are moisture-wicking. But if you’re not giving serious thought to what kind of sunglasses you should wear while you’re out torching the roadways, you should reconsider.

High-quality sunglasses are something you can’t afford to skip, and here’s why.


1.      They Protect Your Long-Term Vision


Want to protect your eyes for as long as you can? Part of that equation is being smart about your sun protection efforts. As a runner, you’ll be logging a lot of miles over the years. That can mean a lot of damaging time in the sun.

Ongoing sun exposure can contribute to problems such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. Since these conditions can impair your vision, or even cause blindness, you should take them seriously.

Cut back on your chances of developing these issues by blocking out UV rays with your sunglasses. Your best bet of doing that is selecting quality sunglasses that block out all UV rays.


2.      They Might Help You Avoid Cancer


Higher-end sunglasses do a great job of providing eye protection. They have lenses that fit correctly and are big enough to shield the entire eye area.

If you’re worried about skin cancer near the eye, opt for wrap-around sunglasses that extend your coverage area. According to the American Cancer Society, you should look for ones that have at least 99 percent UVB and UVA absorption.


3.      They Have More Features That You Need to Power Through a Race


While it might seem like a bargain to buy cheap sunglasses for your runs, you get what you pay for. Low-end sunglasses generally don’t offer features like 100 percent protection from UVB, UVC, or UVA rays.

They also don’t usually have scratch-resistant coatings, anti-fog, polarized, or photochromic lens technology.


4.      They’ll Guard Your Eyes Against the Weather


When you’re running in the winter, rain or windy conditions, sunglasses can be your best friend. They can guard your eyes from the elements, making your run more enjoyable.

Quality sunglasses that offer features like anti-fog technology will increase the usefulness of your eyewear during runs.


5.      They Can Give You a Better View of Your Surroundings


When you’re running in an area with a lot of natural beauty, checking out the scenery as you go along can make your run seems shorter and less fatiguing. But if you’ve ever run past a lake, river, or even snow-capped mountains, you’ll sometimes be overwhelmed by the glare.

Higher-end sunglasses that have polarized lenses can cut back on the glare, giving you a clearer picture of the nature around you. Seeing those gorgeous views can help you forget about how much your legs are starting to burn during your long run.


6.      They Can Help You Prevent Some Wrinkles


The sun is a big cause of wrinkles. But not all sunglasses are equal when it comes to blocking out the harmful rays the sun gives off.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are the culprit when it comes to aging our skin and causing wrinkles. Some sunglasses do a terrible job of blocking UV rays.

If you want to prevent wrinkles, look for polarized sunglasses. Paying more for a pair of sunglasses now can help you save money on expensive wrinkle treatments down the road.


7.      You’ll Look and Feel Cooler


When you’re a runner, you’re not always going to feel cool. You’ll be sweating non-stop during your runs and potentially puking at the finish line on race day if you give it your all. You’re going to get used to sporting neon-colored shirts you’d never ordinarily wear just so you’re more visible to motorists who are driving past you.

But you have the opportunity to increase your cool factor too. Every time you put on your new pair of running shoes that you love or your high-end sunglasses, you’ll feel cooler. And when photographers snap your picture mid-run on race day, you’ll be looking good.


March 24, 2020
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