Best Sunglasses for Snowboarding in Snowy Conditions

Best Sunglasses for Snowboarding in Snowy Conditions
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By Angus Rogers - Snowboarder
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Best Sunglasses for Snowboarding in Snowy Conditions

Best Sunglasses for Snowboarding in Snowy Conditions


Sunglasses made for snow sports aren’t just designed to look cool. They’re also an important bit of gear that protects your eyes from the sun’s glare at high altitudes, improves your visibility in bright and snow covered conditions, and shields your eyes from harsh mountain winds.


If you’re totally stoked for your next skiing or snowboarding trip, you don’t want to find yourself at the top of the mountain totally unprepared.


Snow’s one of the most reflective surfaces, so your eyes can really feel the sun’s harsh glare when you’re out on the slopes all day.


Picking the right sunglasses will properly shield your eyes and guarantee you have an awesome snowboarding or skiing experience.


 Sunglasses Or Goggles?


Choosing between ski goggles and sunglasses almost always comes down to snow conditions.


Sunglasses are the ultimate choice when the weather is clear and sunny. But if you’re skiing or snowboarding through snow flurries and thick fog, goggles will give your eyes better coverage from the elements.


If you’re set on wearing sunglasses instead of goggles, make sure that the frames wrap comfortably around your head. Sporty sunglasses are designed to stay on your face even if you completely wipe out.


Rather than choosing one or the other, most skiers and snowboarders go armed with both. You can always switch your sunglasses to goggles if weather conditions get worse while you’re up a mountain.


Weather at higher altitudes can change suddenly and at little warning, so carrying both with you isn’t the worst idea in the world.


AntiFOG Technology


Fogged up sunglasses are a pain when you’re skiing and snowboarding, but you don’t have to let it ruin your stride. The RYDERS antiFOG technology is the ultimate solution to keep the lenses of your sunglasses clear and fog-free at all times.


The lenses are treated in a hydrophilic layer that scatters moisture through the material to stop fog and condensation from developing on the lens.


Better yet, the antiFOG technology does all the work so that you’ll never have to take off your sunglasses or goggles on the slope again.


UV protection


Snow can reflect anywhere between 85-90% of UV light from the sun. The last thing you want to do is go skiing or snowboarding and come home without your eyesight.


UV, or Ultra Violet, is a high-energy light that’s harmful to the eyes and skin. If you’ve ever had sunburn, or been blinded by the sun, you’re already familiar with the wrath of UV light.


Keep your eyes safe regardless of how stoked you are to shred those slopes.


Our lenses are like lead vests for your eyes. Every RYDERS lens is made to give you 100% UV protection from harmful high-energy light.




If you’re a newbie to skiing and snowboarding, we’re sorry to say it, but you’ll probably eat snow from time to time.


The good news is that RYDERS has your back. The lenses on our sunglasses and ski goggles are made with the same material used in bulletproof glass and astronaut helmets.


We don’t recommend it, but even if you totally rag-doll down the side of a mountain our lenses won’t shatter on impact. How’s that for durability?


Be sure to check out RYDERS SportTECH sunglasses that have been specially designed for fast-paced snowsports.

February 29, 2020
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