Eat Better And Run Faster With These Delicious Nutrition Tips

Eat Better And Run Faster With These Delicious Nutrition Tips
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By Benjamin Kerry - Runner
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Eat Better And Run Faster With These Delicious Nutrition Tips

Eat better and run faster with these delicious nutrition tips

Whether you’re tentatively stepping out and building up to your first 5k or 10k run, or training for your next marathon, what you eat becomes more than just food. It is the fuel that fires your muscles, aids your recovery, and helps you to continuously push yourself to the limits as you hit the sidewalk, park or track.

So, just like the gas you put into your vehicle, your diet needs to consist of a high-quality, consistently measured and constant source of energy to keep you moving. To help you to keep those legs pumping and make your runs faster and more rewarding, here are some healthy and delicious nutrition tips.


It’s okay to eat more

In essence, it’s a simple equation – the more you run, the more calories you burn. Therefore, to avoid a slow or immediate burnout, you’ll need to replace these extra calories. However, if the motivation behind your running is weight loss, you’ll need to take that into account, too.

Either way, there will come a point when you need to eat more, in order to keep your body fuelled up and ready to go. So, don’t worry that all of your favorite meals might need to be removed from your diet – even your most indulgent favorites can still be enjoyed on a regular basis.


But you must eat well

This is where the difference between regular and premium gas applies to how you fuel your runs. Yes, you can still eat all of your favorite meals, albeit in moderation, but the core of your diet needs to come from high-quality foods.

Ultimately, your body will thank you for this – and show you exactly how much it means when you lace up your running shoes and head outside.

If you eat meat, ditch the processed cuts and reach for high-quality organic or grass-fed portions. Try to eat fruit or vegetables as often as possible, and add nutrient-rich nuts, legumes, and high-quality carbs like quinoa, sweet potato, and wild rice to your shopping cart.


Experiment with ingredients

As everyone is different, it only makes sense that your ideal running diet should be tailored to you. This gives you a great opportunity to test which meals work best for you at different times of day. Does your body demand high protein – like natural yoghurt – after a run, or cry out for a baked potato? Do you run better and faster by eating high-carb meals on the morning of a run, or the night before?

With all of the extra energy you’re sure to burn while running, you could also try sautéing certain vegetables, rather than steaming, boiling, or baking, and adding nuts and legumes aplenty to your dishes. This can add crucial extra calories, plus plenty of nutrients, while serving up a new take on your time-tested, favorite foods.


Don’t forget to snack

If you’re used to eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, and accustomed to avoiding snacks for fear of gaining weight – it’s time to rejoice! A handful of nuts or seeds makes for a great snack at any time of the day, providing essential protein between meals, while even chips, a few squares of chocolate, and a bowl of ice cream here and there won’t throw you off-track.

With your body getting geared up to constantly burn fat for fuel, between meals, both healthy and ‘cheat’ calories can quickly replenish your energy stores and boost your mood during recovery. Ultimately, if you physically have the fuel required to run, and the right mentality to push yourself, you’ll be able to run faster and longer, and reap the health benefits as you go.

Finally, another thing that we mustn’t let you forget before you go, is to give your eyes the same level of care and attention while you run. For the ultimate in performance training-oriented eyewear, be sure choose the ideal sportTECH frames from Ryders Eyewear.


About the author:

Benjamin Kerry is a writer for Ryders Eyewear who is involved in a wide range of sports, from football and climbing to sailing and surfing.

March 4, 2020
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