Five Beautiful Places To Run In The world

Five Beautiful Places To Run In The world
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By Jack Stafford - Runner & Cyclist
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Five Beautiful Places To Run In The world

Five beautiful places to run in the world

Running gives you a unique view on the world – so why not put your running shoes and your eyewear in your backpack and travel somewhere beautiful to run? Be a running tourist! The right pair of glasses can enhance your run, as many lenses offer vivid colour enhancement, as well as anti-fog (anti-insect!) features. We’ve suggested five beautiful places in the world you can plan to run. Try these and take off from there.


  1. Hyde Park, London

First stop, famous Hyde Park in the UK capital. It’s home to miles and miles of running trails. If you fancy a long running stroll around the park, there’s a five mile flat loop you can do. Or if you’re just looking for somewhere scenic to practice some sprints, there are dozens of lush grassy fields to kick up your heels. You’ll run past Kensington Palace – home to Kate Middleton and Prince William - and the Hyde Park concert area where there are many great gigs in the summer. It’s a great people-watching place too as you cruise by. There are horse-riders on parallel trails, families walking, friends picnicking. It’s very picturesque.


  1. Table Mountain, Cape Town

Table Mountain is on every visitor to Cape Town’s list, but how much better to actually run up it? It presides proudly over Cape Town around 3,500 feet up and promises fantastic views. You’re looking at a two km jog from the parking lot to the beginning of the trail. The first half of the trail – about 3km to the summit – is totally runnable. It’s a steady incline and you can see the path easily. The second half of the run is a bit steeper and harder to run. This is where you may need some decent eyewear. Glasses that fit snugly whatever incline you’re running up. And a lens that lets you appreciate the stunning scenery.  The Ryders ColorBOOST lens is perfect. It offers vibrant colour enhancement with crystal clear optics. Plus it comes with anti-slip components and interchangeable nose pads. Eyewear securely in place, you might need to drop back to a fast hike for the final km as the terrain is a bit rougher to get to the summit. But hey it will be worth it.

The best time of year to run it is February to June (summer and fall in South Africa). It’s fantastic, first thing in the morning when the sun isn’t fully up. If you’re doing it in the heat of the full sun, don’t forget your Ryder lenses. And if you’re exhausted from the run up, you can always get the cable car back down.  Bonus.


  1. Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi Beach isn’t just for surfer's – it’s a runner's paradise too. Start at the beach, where street art murals line the walls and you can run for 15 miles along the coast, trucking through wooden paths, cement walkways and stone steps cut out of the earth. It’s quite a busy trail, but gets quieter the farther away from the beach you get. It’s a perfect place to feast your eyes yet soothe your soul.


  1. The Grand Circle Trail, The Grand Canyon

Looking for something a bit hard-core? This is it. This 11.6-mile loop starts at the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Centre and roughly parallels the Scenic Loop Road. It’s stunningly scenic, with very varied terrain. Some parts are so rocky, you may almost scramble, others are hard-packed dirt, and there’s a small section of loose sand. Make sure you get a map from the visitor's centre as the path isn’t clearly marked. It’s best to avoid the hot summer months, and remember to take lots of water.


  1. New York

New York is a cool pace to run, especially in Spring and Autumn. You can stock up on all the latest gadgets or choose to run in a simple pair of running shoes, shorts and T-shirt. Whichever, you’ll find some decent eyewear helps you to keep the traffic fumes and dust out of your eyes. The Ryders Aereo has the requisite tons of style – you are in New York after all. But also the Fyre technical lenses to go with it. Five of the most innovative lens advancements packed into one lens. However fast you run in the heat, this lens will not fog up!

If you’re in town training for the NYC marathon or want an easy-ish run. the West Side Highway and Central Park are great. Hudson River Park, built on 550 acres of old, unused piers near West Street in downtown Manhattan, is a great place for a run. It has a five-mile waterfront path, where you can take in views of the Statue of Liberty and World Trade Centre.

For hill workouts, try Harlem Hills on the north side of Central Park. You can repeat a 1.43-mile loop from the 102nd Street Transverse to 110th Street. Running it clockwise is the most challenging.

So there you go. Strap on your running shoes and the world’s your oyster!

March 11, 2020
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