How The Right Eyewear Can Inspire Your Run

How The Right Eyewear Can Inspire Your Run
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By Lisa Simpson - Runner
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How The Right Eyewear Can Inspire Your Run

How the right eyewear can inspire your run


When you're out and about, it's easy to underestimate how adversely the sun can affect your eyes. The risk goes beyond the occasional strong glare preventing you from being able to see where you are going, though that's a risk well worth heeding.


Really, your eyes deserve the same kind of dedication that your skin gets when you lather it with sunscreen before heading out. However, choosing the right eyewear has implications for not only your health but also how enjoyable you find your run.


Keep sunburn at bay

"Hang on a minute," you may be thinking, "can my eyes get sunburn, too?" Yes - it's called photokeratitis, and wherever there's exposed skin, including on your eyelids, sunburn can result. Cancer is a condition to which the eyelid is especially vulnerable.


The ultimate culprit for sunburn of either the eye or eyelid is excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. For blocking these, your standard sunglasses might not suffice, as they could be tinted but lack UV-blocking protection. Consequently, the tinting could lead your pupils to dilate and so let in more UV radiation, risking an array of eyesight-threatening conditions.


The basic takeaway from all of this: choose eyewear specifically advertised as blocking 100% of UV rays. That way, you can keep your eyesight safe for many years of running.


Protect your eyes on three fronts

Often, it's not tricky to look up, on a product listing, the level of protection that a particular set of eyewear offers. Rather more arduous, however, is discerning exactly how much protection your chosen eyewear should have. Are there "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves"?


Fortunately, we can get some clarity - if you'll excuse the pun - from the Vision Council, which outlines three forms of UV radiation emitted by the sun: UVA, UVB and UVC. Your sunglasses should safeguard you against all three.


It's heartening, then, that every single lens we offer, regardless of tint or shade, blocks 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. As all of our lenses also block UV rays to 400mn, they also catch especially harmful, high-energy visible light that would slip through 380mn coverage.


Save you from distracting reflections

It's tempting to think that, on a mild, cloudy day, you don't "need" sunglasses. However, the sun's rays won't have completely disappeared on such days. In fact, those rays can still reflect off pavements and even snow, making the sun a bigger risk than it may initially look.


Even on supposedly clear days, then, the sun can still prevent you from seeing clearly or discerning how to navigate obstacles in your path. Fortunately, a premium-standard, anti-reflective coating features on all of the polarized lenses we stock. Our polarized eyewear includes the Trapper, which comes in five stylish colors.


The right fit can make you... fit

If you're tempted by the kind of micro sunnies sported by celebs, keep in mind that, however stylish they might look in an Instagram photo, they aren't nearly protective enough for wearing on a run. You do, however, still need eyewear that fits you comfortably.


Remember those reflective surfaces we warned you about? They are sending the sun's rays here, there and everywhere. Fortunately, eyewear of a wraparound design, like the Howler AntiFOG, or goggles such as the Tallcan variety can protect your eye area from multiple angles.


In shielding more of that area from the sun, these eyewear products can spare you squinting, eyestrain or distractions. Still, remember to also put a cap or visor on your head for, to use a suitable metaphor, the cherry on the safety-conscious cake.

March 17, 2020
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