How to Choose the Correct Lens for Snowboarding

How to Choose the Correct Lens for Snowboarding
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By Angus Rogers - Snowboarder
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How to Choose the Correct Lens for Snowboarding

How to Choose the Correct Lens for Snowboarding


You’ll no doubt be totally stoked to hit the slopes on your snowboarding trip, and you’ll want a pair of sunglasses or goggles to make the experience one for the books.


When choosing the perfect pair of shades, there are a number of different features involved in making an awesome lens for ski goggles and sunglasses. Coming to grips with the different options is the best way to make sure you pick the right ones for the snow conditions you’re going to be shredding.


Our guide explains the different types of lens technology and why different coloured lenses matter when it comes to sunglasses and goggles.


RYDERS Lens Technology


We’re experts when it comes to lens technology and we want to make sure you have the best sunglasses and goggles for your next snowboarding adventure.




Let’s face it, fogged up lenses are annoying. You don’t want to take off your sunglasses or goggles at the top of the mountain to clear them of fog while your friends hit the pow pow.


Luckily, RYDERS’ antiFOG technology makes sure you don’t get left behind. The hydrophobic coating works by getting rid of any water vapour and humidity that would otherwise condense and fog up the surface of your lens. So you can see where you’re going and find the best powder.




Polarized lenses eliminate that irritating reflected glare that bounces back when the sun shines on snow.


RYDERS Polarized lenses are created using a high-tech process that embeds the polarization in the material itself.


Polarized lenses make it difficult to see hazards like icy patches while snowboarding or skiing on a mountain. If you do opt for a polarized lens you should start alert for any hazards that are difficult to see, especially if you’re taking your snowboard off-piste.




When the light changes, the tint of a photochromic lens changes too. The amount the tint changes depends on the intensity of the UV light.


Photochromic technology is an awesome lens to choose if you’re going out on the slopes for a long time and in different weather conditions.


What sets RYDERS apart from its competitors is that our photochromic lenses are not simply dipped in photosensitive material, they’re injected with it. This makes for a high-clarity lens that is far less susceptible to any permanent smudges, scratches or irreversible damage.


Different Coloured Lenses


Depending on the conditions, the colour of a lense can drastically change your visibility while you’re snowboarding.


Clear Lens


In low-light, clear lenses are best. A transparent lens allows the most light to enter your goggles so you’re able to see the world around you. These lenses are better for darker conditions because higher Visible Light Transmission (VLT) allows more light to reach your eyes. In the dark, you need as much VLT as possible to best see your terrain.


Rose or Pink Lenses


Rose or pink lenses won’t protect your eyes on sunny days, but in mid-to-low light they’re a pretty sweet option. Pink lenses can’t filter out bright light, but on cloudy days or at dusk and dawn they let in just the right amount of light.


Yellow or Brown Lenses


For bright and snowy conditions, yellow or brown lenses are your best bet. Yellow and brown lenses filter out the most light to reduce the sun’s glare while also increasing contrast and depth perception of the environment around you.


The lens colour in RYDER sunglasses and goggles doesn’t affect the UV protection. Whether the lens is clear or brown, you can rest assured that you’ll get the same level of UV protection.


Quality and Durability


RYDERS lenses are made with the same material used in bulletproof glass. The material is injected into moulds perfectly formed to remove any chance of the eyewear shattering on impact if you take a tumble off your snowboard.


Every pair of RYDERS glasses and goggles come with lenses that meet our incredibly high standards so you get a product that works hard for you while delivering the best optical clarity possible.


RYDERS lenses are second to none


Choosing the right lenses is an investment in your passion. Naturally, you’ll want a product that is tried and tested, durable, and is guaranteed to last you season after season.


Check out the RYDERS SportTECH range to find your next pair of snow-sport sunglasses.

February 5, 2020
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