How to Select the Best Eyewear for Cycling

How to Select the Best Eyewear for Cycling
By Francis Cassidy - Professional Cycling Writer
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How to Select the Best Eyewear for Cycling

How to Select the Best Eyewear for Cycling

Protective eyewear is crucial in cycling. In a sport with so many disciplines over so many terrains, eyewear solutions become quite specialized. In this post we take a look at the best eyewear solutions for cycling - whether that be on the road or on the trails.


Eyeing up your needs

At Ryders Eyewear we know cycling, and we’ve been hard at work tailoring eyewear solutions for all types of cyclist. No matter your discipline, we’ve got you all covered with our impressive line. Whether it’s a protective solution for the downhill mountain biker, or a slick, aero look specially designed for the road, you’ll be sure to find what you need. Let’s take a look at the eyewear solutions we provide for cyclists.


Best Eyewear for the Casual Road Cyclist

Road cycling is particular in its demands. Aside from the requirements placed upon the athlete, the equipment used greatly influences the outcome. Weight and aerodynamics are the primary concerns for many. And it’s with our Aero eyewear that we address both these head on.


Lightweight, aero and packed with abundant features, the sleek looking Aero glasses aren't just for strutting around town.


With the highly responsive FYRE™ lens, they are the ideal companion for the road cyclist. The enhanced colors perceived through a lens that constantly adapts to light make it ideal for those cyclists exposed to different intensities. From under the shadow of trees on a tight bend to the full glare of the sunlight on the open road, the dynamism of the Aero is unsurpassed.


The important tones are boosted and enhanced by 20% when compared to the human eye. It makes for unsurpassed vibrancy and clarity. With a high-quality anti FOG coating that’s permanently bonded to the lens, it ensures pristine views no matter the conditions.


For supreme performance on the road that’ll complement your aero look, go with the Aero!


The Top Eyewear Solution for the Mountain Biker

On the trails you never know exactly what you’ll face. From gravel tracks to singletracks and from muddy trails to paved roads, you need an eyewear solution that’s adaptable to a variety of conditions.


The Incline is a solution that will perform no matter what you throw at it on the trails. In a patented design, the frame runs along the bottom rather than the top. This leads to a greatly enhanced field of vision that’s perfect for the mountain biker. With abundant obstacles and potential dangers on the trails, the Incline helps you see it all before it’s too late.


Thanks to the FYRE™ lens, the Incline can handle those high dynamic ranges mountain bikers experience when transitioning from under the canopy to the wide open. With improved recognition of specific colors, it helps you pick out those subtle contrasts on the road ahead, allowing you to navigate with speed and confidence.


The Best Eyewear Protection at the Extremes

The Tallcan goggles are tailored for the extreme mountain biker. From those fast winding descents to the dangerous jumps, they require an eyewear solution which both enhances and protects.


The Tallcan design includes a fog-fighting double layer which ensures that your lens stays clear at all times. An outer lens prevents the cooler air from contacting the inner lens that’s in direct contact with the humidity. It all results in significantly less condensed vapor forming, thus ensuring unmatched clarity as you hit those winding singletracks at speed.


With no compromise on safety or style, it’s designed for a snug fit, while providing supreme protection to the eye area in the event of an accident. Available in red or black, the Tallcan is one stylish solution for the extreme mountain biker.

July 31, 2020
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