Keep Running When The Running Gets Tough

Keep Running When The Running Gets Tough
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By Jack Stafford - Runner & Cyclist
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Keep Running When The Running Gets Tough

Keep running when the running gets tough

We all run for different reasons. Some of us are more ‘couch to 5 k’ – just running to feel a bit fitter. Others get hooked on marathons and love the stimulation of running in scenic places all around the world. What we all have in common, is that at some point when you’re running, it’s going to hurt. Overcoming that discomfort is part of what gives the sense of achievement. When the going gets tough, the tough get going as they say. Here are our tips on keeping going…..


Try yoga or meditate

When you can get into a calm frame of mind, either by practicing yoga or meditation, you will stop your body from releasing as many stress hormones and reduce your perception of pain. Your body will release endorphins which are a natural pain reliever and they can ease pain in your muscles and joints. Obviously you can’t do this while you’re actually running, but practicing regularly can literally rewire your brain and increase your pain tolerance. Very helpful when you’re still half a mile from Netflix and home, or into the 12th mile of your marathon and things are really starting to hurt! You can just go all zen and run through it. You’ll find yoga classes everywhere and if you think you don’t have time to attend, you can use an online tutorial before you go to work, simply by getting up 20 minutes earlier. Meditation is easier than you think. Just find a quiet place during the day, sit still and focus on your breathing. Start by trying it for one minute and build up from there. The app Headspace is helpful to get you going.


Avoid distractions

Cut down on all physical and mental distractions. Always run in gear that you’re comfortable in. If you’re running in the summer, you might suffer the annoyance of getting dust, or flies in your eyes. A good pair of eyewear is ideal to keep the bugs and dirt from annoying you and more importantly slowing you down. The Ryders ColorBOOST lens comes with anti-slip components and interchangeable nose pads to maximise secure fit. No need to worry about them slipping down your nose when you’re running and letting the bugs in.

Similarly, a pair of shades will keep the sun out of your eyes if you’re running at sunset – so you’re not squinting to see the track and slowing down because of your vision being compromised.

At Ryders Wear, we have an impressive line of lenses, including the Fyre lens that offers 5 tech in one lens. The lens is colour changing and actually reflects light away. These lenses also have the advantage of being anti-fog, so they won’t mist up as you get hot running. Perfect.


Think about your sacrifices

University research has shown that your brain can sometimes shut down your body, when you still have more to give. Apparently our brain weighs up ‘perception of effort with our motivation to succeed’. When the former outweighs the latter, that’s when we slow down. So boost your motivation! You’ve already given up a lot to run. Maybe not gone for those after work drinks. Got up early every morning to run before work. Not indulged in that curry that you love, to stay on a training diet. Missed moments with your kids. It’s all fuel for your motivation. If you’ve suffered already, then what’s this for? You can endure so much more when you’re really motivated. Move those legs!


Think about what you love

Similarly, it can help to think about the people you love. Thinking about your pride in your family or friends, can push you on to exert yourself. You’ve got those, great mates, lovely kids or a wonderful partner – make them proud. Run harder!


Train tough

There may be something in your personality that makes you naturally tough – or not. But as well as all the tips above, you can train tough too and teach yourself to keep going. If you build up to the run that you want to do, then you will teach yourself little tricks that help you keep going. So here’s to training yourself and finding the little things that personally keep you going. If you reward yourself with a faster PB with a big bar of chocolate, we salute you!

February 28, 2020
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