Running Out Of Motivation? 5 Benefits That’ll Get You Going Again

Running Out Of Motivation? 5 Benefits That’ll Get You Going Again
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By Lisa Simpson - Runner
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Running Out Of Motivation? 5 Benefits That’ll Get You Going Again

Running out of motivation? 5 benefits that’ll get you going again

Whether you’re a veteran runner or only just trying to get into this interesting form of exercise, it’s understandable that you might not always feel absolutely raring to go. You’ve got things to do, people to see, and just not enough time or self-confidence… you get the idea. A lot of us can be world-class excuse-makers.

It’s human to feel like that from time to time. But don’t allow it to shatter your motivation to rack up the miles! Instead, remind yourself why running is something well worth the time and effort, with the following amazing benefits.


  1. Running’s as natural as the day is long

It turns out Bruce Springsteen isn’t the only one who was born to run. We all are, in fact – many experts having suggested that human bodies took on the shape that they have, because we evolved to be highly effective endurance runners.

The length of your legs, the shapes of your hips and feet, and even your ability to sweat… we all gained or enhanced these characteristics partly so that we could run, apparently. So, don’t be afraid to test yourself running, in the knowledge that your body’s designed for it.


  1. It’ll stop you feeling so blue

Running won’t merely give you a feeling of “I was born to do this!” That’s because it’ll also lift those glum emotions that might follow you around if the most exercise you normally ever do is twiddling your thumbs in front of the office PC.

One study published in the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, in fact, found that 30 minutes on a treadmill – yes, just half an hour – was sufficient to lift the mood of someone suffering from major depressive disorder. That’s certainly one reason to smile.


  1. It’s like a load of workouts in one

If you’re one of those “oh I just don’t have the time to go running” people, stop that complaining right now. In fact, of all of the exercises to do if you’re short of a spare hour (or merely pretending to be short of a spare hour), running is probably “the one”.

Why? Well, it’s in your legs where your body’s biggest muscles are, and running benefits them all. The inner and outer thighs… the quads… hamstrings… calves… gluteus maximus… they’re all enhanced over time by running. It’s like the workout equivalent of a videogame ‘cheat code’; one form of exercise improves so many different areas at once.


  1. Time isn’t even an excuse, anyway

Yeah, we’re not moving on from that whole “lack of time” thing that people consistently wheel out about running. Think about it; even if you literally just have 10 minutes here and there, you can still go out for a run around the block before work.

Running’s time-flexibility as an exercise, is a massive reason why it makes more sense as an exercise these days, than something like a gym workout or swimming.

It’s not as if you need to book a session in a special facility in advance if you fancy a run – so however tough those assignment deadlines or work commitments might be, you can still fit in a quick blast along the sidewalk somewhere. 


  1. You’ll get to meet other people

Wait – surely, you’re going to struggle to stop and shake hands with anyone when you’re on a run? Maybe, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m referring, instead, to the wider running community, which can be a really supportive one in and of itself.

Whenever you find your motivation to run at a low keel, just fire up your web browser and head to your favorite runners’ Internet forum, or call that friend who’s got running as a New Year’s resolution, too.

The more you run, the more stories you’ll have to share with your fellow runners – about your achievements, and about all of those times you crashed and burned, too (hopefully not literally). Your running comrades will help to spur you on to new heights, and you can do the same for them. If that’s not life-affirming and motivating for you, I’d suggest you check that you actually have a pulse.

There you have it – five great reasons to keep running like Sonic the Hedgehog fleeing Dr. Robotnik, when you’re wondering whether it’s still worthwhile pursuing this amazing workout.

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February 11, 2020
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