Stay Safe When You’re Running

Stay Safe When You’re Running
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By Jack Stafford - Runner & Cyclist
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Stay Safe When You’re Running

Taking a few safety precautions can help you stay confident when you’re out running. It’s wise to be cautious, especially if you like to run at night, but don’t let it put you off the sport you love. Take note of these useful safety tips to help you stay out of trouble.


Plan your route

Think ahead before you go running and pick well-lit, well used paths that aren’t lonely. If you make up your route as you’re going along, no-one will know where you are. If you’re determined to go off the beaten track, call someone as you do so.

Let someone know where you are


Let your partner or a friend, know where you’re going running and don’t change your mind without updating them. You can share your location via Google. Also, make sure you check in with them when you’re home safely too.


Protect your vision

If it’s sunny, wear a good pair of lenses. They’ll protect your eyes from UV glare and also make sure your vision is compromised. You need to be able to see cars and other people around you. Ryders Eyewear ColorBOOST lens protects your eyes from UV radiation and offers vibrant colour enhancement with crystal clear optics. Plus it comes with anti-slip components and interchangeable nose pads so you can run knowing your eyewear won’t budge.


Ditch the headphones

Don’t get so caught up in Beyoncé’s beats that you lose track of your surroundings. If you’re distracted by your music, you won’t notice drivers or other hazards.  If it really infuriates you that you can’t listen to your music, try keeping one of your headphones in your ear and let the other one dangle.

You could also try so-called "bone-conducting headphones". These sit on your cheekbones and since they don’t touch your ear canal, they don’t block out sounds. They’ve been credited with helping to prevent accidents caused by traditional headphones and earbuds. As a runner, you can enjoy your music and still hear everything around you like traffic, emergency vehicles and other warning noises.


Run in busy areas


We know you like to get away from it all often when you run. But try not to run in isolated areas. Choose places where there are people around if you need them. While it might be nice to run in the woods, it’s probably safer to run in a more popular park where others will be around.

As a check, if you’re running on a path, and don't see anyone else for more than five minutes, don’t run on that path again. Turn round and find another route.

Carry your phone and ID


Always have a charged mobile on you.  There are new safety apps with GPS tracking that will dial the police or friend/family member for you with just one click if you need it.


Mix up your daily routine


If you run several days per week, it’s easy to slip into a routine, running the same routes at the same time on the same days. Try to avoid this, so someone doesn’t get to know where you’ll be on a given day. If you always run a loop anti-clockwise, switch direction every few days or so. Try running an hour earlier or later than you normally do and alternate your starting times from day to day. Always keep an eye out online or amongst running friends for new routes.

Join a running group

Running in a group can mean that you can lighten up on other concerns, enabling you to to run at night or listening to music if you wish. Safety in numbers – and a social life too! You can learn new routes to run safely on your own. Create your own running community, if there isn’t one where you live. Organised runs also helping reduce the risk of injury as most are led by qualified coaches.

March 15, 2020
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