Top 5 looks for Summer 2020

Top 5 looks for Summer 2020
By Glen Comrie - Avid Cyclist
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Top 5 looks for Summer 2020

Top 5 looks for Summer 2020

It’s never too early to look ahead to summer for sunglasses and eyewear. Especially if you have fashion on your mind. When we eventually reach the hotter months, you should be looking at summer through Ryders Eyewear.  Style should meet maximum protection when the heat goes on and the world gets brighter, and this is why these five Ryder Eyewear products are our top picks for summer.



Shield sunglasses are a new trend and, at first glance, a very wide one. Designed to give protection right across the face, shield glasses can sometimes take that protection to extremes. Aero glasses don’t. Aero has a more traditional look, but the features border on the revolutionary, thanks in large part to awesome high-tech FYRE lens. Whether you’re riding hard, or chilling out, Aero is designed for shield-like eye protection with a dash of cool but conventional style.



There’s a lot of casual style in Cachette glasses, but Ryder have worked hard to incorporate a lot of technology and comfort into the laidback design. For example, the front-mounted lens technology that won the Serra frame a Red Dot Design Award, is featured in Cachette as well. The ultra-light frame might make you forget you’re actually wearing glasses, but in reality, it’s maximizing your field of vision and guarding your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB light. It might be fashion that you have front of mind when choosing eyewear for summer, but Cachette glasses also give you a lot of practical benefits to go with that easy style.



More shield sunglasses for you to check out, but more extreme and sportier than Aero. That’s Fitz. Fitz features a design that’s ultra lightweight, and when it comes to getting active, that sort of weight feels just about right. The rimless lens gives you an unobstructed field of vision, and the modern styling, which strictly follows today’s trends, makes them a cool choice for summer. As Ryder likes to say: it just Fitz.


Inverted half rims:

If any eyewear is “on point” for summer of 2020, then inverted half rims surely qualify. There’s no frame across the top of the lens…that whole concept has been turned upside down. Not just for reasons of style, we hasten to add. Inverted half rims feature frames that allow more airflow and clear lines of sight. Adjustable nose pads offer increased comfort and stability while larger faces will appreciate the flexible design. Technically, they’re great for cycling but check out models like Rotor, Newsch and Invert and you’ll see these inverted half rims are also fully fashionable….and fashion is what this article is all about.



If you think Nelson glasses look vaguely familiar, then you’ve got a great eye for eyewear. This model with medium-thick rims has been inspired by a RYDERS classic: the best-selling Hillroy. Nelson is a taller and more high-tech version of Hillroy, with big lenses, hydrophilic nose pads and temple tips, so they offer plenty of performance benefits to go along with that icon-inspired style. These are sporty glasses that don’t look overly sporty, so you can leave them on when you’re off your bike. Summer is coming on, and sunglasses that you can leave on all day are the perfect fit for any face. With medium-thick rims destined to be one of the looks for summer 2020, Nelson is the obvious “leave on” option.

March 25, 2020
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