Top Five Eyewear Styles For Moms

Top Five Eyewear Styles For Moms
By Vira Sadlak - Avid Cyclist
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Top Five Eyewear Styles For Moms

Top Five Eyewear Styles For Moms

Whether you’re a hiker, a climber, a cycling enthusiast, a dog walker, or simply a parent who enjoys all things outdoors, finding the right pair of eyewear for your adventures is essential.

Not only will they protect you from harmful rays, but a right pair of sunglasses can also make you look sharp! And who doesn't want that?!

In this guide, we will review the top five eyewear styles for moms. You can rest assured that these picks will leave up to your outdoor parent lifestyle.


For a hiking mommy: NELSON


Are you a type of mom who’s big on hiking? Then you absolutely need a pair of NELSON shades to protect your eyes while you are soaking up that sunshine.

You will love how lightweight, durable and yet gorgeous these sunglasses are! Don’t be fooled by their sharp sci-fi look though. Apart from being stylish, they provide superior 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection. Being equipped with military-grade antiFOG lenses, these sunglasses combat fogging like it’s nobody's business.

These good-looking shades come in numerous frame and lens colors. Classic-looking Matte Black, funky Stripe Demi, or sleek Black with Orange and Yellow frame - you can go bold and colorful with the NELSON shades.


For a cycling mommy: ROAM


Stylish and sporty, these ROAM glasses combine superb comfort and 100% UV 400 protection.

ROAM glasses were created with cycling moms in mind. These shades are comfy, they offer uncomparable color recognition and military-grade fog-resistance and, well, they look sharp too!

ROAMs come with adjustable nose pads so that you can customize the fit for your ultimate comfort.  The durability is spot on too!

Cycling moms from all over the country rave about how well these glasses protect against the blazing sun. As a bonus, these sunglasses make a cute hairband when you don't need them over your face. Give them a try!


For a fashion-loving mommy: SERRA


Who said active lifestyle eyewear should be dull and unfashionable? This pair of trendy SERRA shades can transform any of your everyday mommy looks into something effortlessly sleek.

Offering elegance and comfort, SERRA sunglasses are one of those oh-so-cute shades you can’t go wrong with.

But looks aren’t everything. Polarized lenses, hydrophilic scratch-resistant finish and a durable thermoplastic frame make the SERRA a true performer!

Give these sunglasses a try! We guarantee you will appreciate their quality, function and look!


For a practical mommy: HAZEL


Here at Ryders, we’re all about marrying sleek styles with functionality.

True to the description, HAZEL shades can be customized in multiple ways depending on the look and function you are after.

Want to seal out dust, wind, and debris? Put the side shields on! Going after a timeless aviator look? Take the side guards off. Oh, and don’t forget to adjust those nose pads for the best custom fit.

Just like its siblings, this pair of Ryders glasses is both scratch and impact resistant. These sunglasses look fashion-forward, yet they also offer the most vibrant color enhancement and block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays.


Cute instagramable frame and incomparable functionality. Isn’t it everything you ever wanted in your shades?


For every kind of mommy: CACHETTE


Looking for a pair of sunglasses that would withstand any kind of “momming”? CACHETTE shades is the way to go!

Featuring the front-mounted lens technology and ultra-light frame, these sunglasses are suitable for all the adventures in the great outdoors.

CACHETTE glasses come with polarized impact-resistant lenses. So if you like staying active and yet be on-trend, you will appreciate the CACHETTE glasses.

They sit well on many different complexions. You can rest assured they'll make you look stylish and adventurous.

May 9, 2020
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