What Matters Most When Picking Out Tennis Sunglasses

What Matters Most When Picking Out Tennis Sunglasses
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By Shannon Serpette - Kayaker, Runner, & Tennis Player
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What Matters Most When Picking Out Tennis Sunglasses

What Matters Most When Picking Out Tennis Sunglasses?


Nothing beats a challenging tennis match under the sun. But to improve your odds of emerging victorious from your heated competition, you’ll need the right eyewear to help you.

The sunglasses you wear while playing tennis can be a game-changer. What things should you consider before picking a pair?


The Color of the Lenses


The color of your lenses matters because they can impact how easy it is to spot that bright yellow ball that’s hurtling toward you. You don’t have much reaction time when someone serves the ball top speed at you.

If you have an issue with not seeing the ball in the air because it seems to fade into the background, you might want to opt for blue polarized lenses. It will offer more contrast, making the ball pop out more from its surroundings.

If you play a lot during the exceedingly bright mid-day sun, you might want gray polarized lenses. Do you play earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon? You might have better luck with amber-colored lenses.


Impact Resistant


Tennis can result in a fair amount of impact at times. When you’re playing doubles, you run the risk of the occasional collision with your partner. Sometimes you can get clipped by their swing when you get too close to back up their play.

There’s also always the danger of not reacting quickly enough and taking a ball in the face. Some players, even pros, have managed to hit themselves in the face with a ball. That’s why impact resistant sunglasses are a must for tennis players. You don’t want to take a blow to the face and have the lenses shatter right in front of your eyes. Impact-resistant lenses are less likely to do that.


Making Sure There Are No Obstructions to Your Vision


Tennis is an incredibly fast-paced sport. You have little time to react once the ball is in the air. That means you have to move quickly, and equally important, you have to be able to track the ball at all times. The smallest disruption in your ability to see the ball will cause you to lose that point.

For that reason, you should buy sunglasses that have:

  • Anti-fog lenses: Without this feature, your sunglasses have a great chance of fogging up with any shift in the temperature or humidity levels. If your sunglasses fog up during your play, you’re in big trouble. You’ll have to take them off and try to play in the bright light without any.
  • Scratch-resistant: Have you ever tried playing tennis wearing your favorite old pair of sunglasses that had multiple big scratches on them? Those of us who have can tell you it’s hard, and sometimes downright impossible, not to lose track of the ball under those circumstances.
  • Wrap-around lenses: While playing tennis, you want as much of your view unobstructed as possible. If you try playing with aviator-style sunglasses, the frame will get in your way. What you need are wrap-around lenses that give you a tremendous viewing range.


The Fit


In tennis, you have a lot of sudden stops, hard sprints, and jumps. All that fast movement requires a pair of sunglasses that cup to your face and stay in place. Look for ones that fit your face shape snugly and offer adjustable nose pads that will keep them in place. You don’t want to worry about pushing up your slipping sunglasses when your opponent is returning the slice you just hit over the net.



June 30, 2020
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