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Interested in sharing an epic poem of your latest adventure, a love sonnet to your eyewear or a crayon drawing of your dream pair of sunglasses? Please email us—we’d love to hear from you.



Please review our Buying Online FAQs for information on order processing, payment, shipping and returns. For further information, please email us at




We are proud to sponsor select athletes who share similar values, beliefs and a passion for outdoor sport and adventure. Send us a proposal and let’s talk.

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Event sponsorships are often handled on a grassroots basis by our local field reps. Email us for help getting in touch with your local rep.

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Please review our warranty policy for information and instructions.

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We are not able to supply replacement lenses or temples at this time.


We appreciate customer feedback on our eyewear. Please be sure to reference the specific style and model # you are providing feedback on. This information is located on the inside arm of your glasses (e.g. Rockslide R447-006).

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