Imagine if your world suddenly appeared more vivid than you had ever experienced before.
Imagine if the colours of your surroundings jumped to life with unprecedented vibrance.
Imagine if every detail in front of you looked sharper and more defined than you ever thought possible.

The RYDERS® colourBOOST, NXT®  lens has been designed to offer up the most vibrant colour enhancement by filtering out dull and uninspiring wavelengths. The result is a rich visual experience with accelerated and improved colour recognition, crystal clear optics, and enhanced definition.

The RYDERS® colourBOOST, NXT® lens was developed in collaboration with Essilor® Sun Solution™. E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ sun lenses enhance the beauty of colours while maintaining a high level of sun protection. A new vision experience in very bright conditions, with optimal comfort and protection. By modulating the light reaching the retina and the wavelengths of the primary colours received by the photoreceptors in the eyes, E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ lenses bring to life the natural hues of the sun surrounding environment.


It’s unique chemistry dramatically enhances your perception of primary colours, providing 20% faster colour recognition and more defined colours for a vibrant, crystal clear view of the world around you.


colourBOOST lenses are now available in 3 different models: The Pemby, Cakewalk, and Hazel. Each model offers two colourBOOST lens variations to choose from. Depending on the environment you intend to use the sunglasses in, you can choose between a green or a brown lens tint. Learn more about the lens technology.

colourBOOST Brown
colourBOOST green

cakewalk green

The Cakewalk

Named after a technical trail in Squamish BC, this model looks as great as it needs to in order to be called the Cakewalk and get away with it. Its hidden technical components including hydrophilic nose pads and temple tips keep it in place when you want to use it for something more difficult than an actual cakewalk.



The Pemby

A diffused frame for enhanced airflow, hydrophobic components for anti-slip stability, three sets of interchangeable nose pads for a custom fit, and premium spring hinges, this model is surprisingly technical given its casual look.



The Hazel

A perfect blend of fashion and function, the Hazel is a women’s frame that can be customized in multiple ways. The side shields can be removed or added, depending on the look and function you’re after, and the interchangeable nose pads can be switched for a custom fit.