Decline Magazine reviews the Thorn antiFOG

DECLINE MAGAZINE gives Ryders antiFOG two thumbs up

CREATED OUT OF NECESSITY BY RYDERS EYEWEAR out of north Vancouver BC, the Thorn Anti-Fog glasses were developed for riding the wet and technical BC terrain without being fogged out. Although countless advancements have been made to lens tints and frame design, one of the biggest problems has always been condensation forming on the inside of the glasses making even the fanciest, most expensive eyewear worthless.

Decline Reviews the Thorn


Ryders Anti-Fog glasses feature more than just your standard hydrophobic treatment. Treating a lens with a hydrophobic coating is great, and the Thorns have it on the outside of the lens, however the inside of the glass is exposed to much different conditions that are addressed by the anti-fog process. Unlike some treatments by other manufacturers, Ryders embeds the anti-fog material into the lens itself. By doing this Ryders claims the treatment becomes more permanent as it can’t be wiped or scratched away. The benefit of their Anti-Fog treatment is that it actually absorbs moisture and disperses it into the backside of the lens so on the rare occasion when fog does form, it is easily wiped away and doesn’t leave the death smear that is stuck with you the rest of the day. On the front of the lens, Ryders’ hydrophobic treatment works just the opposite way by repelling water and mud droplets. This helps keep your field of vision clear as wind helps push the debris down and off the lens. Lens and frame options are plentiful as Ryders offers this technology in both Traction Polarized and Photochromic variations in their Thorn, Strider, Face, Caliber and Trio frames, to name a few. Ryders uses TR90 thermoplastic material for strong, light and durable lenses that fi t comfortably on our heads and worked well with several different helmets.


Being a heavy sweater and skeptical, I was unsure as to just how effective these antifog glasses would be, but I was pleasantly surprised on my first ride out. It was a chilly Central Oregon day with plenty of mist in the air and some light drizzles passing through. As I made my way up a local trail that normally had me resting my glasses off my CamelBak strap or on my helmet, I kept the Thorns on and pedaled harder trying to steam these things out. We stopped and talked, we pedaled, we ate and all the while my glasses stayed on my face, fog free. It wasn’t until the slowest, most technical bit of the climb when the rain started dropping a bit more that I had some foggy moisture develop on the inside of my lenses. I pulled the glasses off quickly and flicked them before wiping them on the inside of my jersey and was surprised to see they were ready for action once again. Anyone who’s ridden in these conditions knows the dilemma, is it better to just deal with the spotty vision and water or do you risk a day of smudged, fogged out lenses. The risk was worth it with the Thorns as they responded well to being wiped and I was back to square one with clear vision.

If I had to summarize the Thorn glasses and their Anti-Fog technology to a potential customer I’d say, it works. Ryders has done a great job developing this technology and infusing it into their scratchproof lenses that truly sheds water on the outside and keeps the inside free from fog longer than any other glass I’ve worn. Now, I must add, it is not fog proof, however on the rare occasions when you do get some fog building up, the glasses are just a wipe away from being good as new, and that earns these shades two thumbs up.

A note from RYDERS EYEWEAR: This review states that the lenses are “scratchproof”. This was an error on the part of the reviewer as no lenses are scratchproof unless they’re made of diamonds, which they aren’t. They do have a premium scratch-resistant coating that makes them many times more scratch-resistant than the lens material on its own.