The idea to go to back to Utah for me originated when I wanted ride somewhere far away from familiar trails. Somewhere that harbours creativity and a vision for riding. Green River is one of these places, not to mention the photogenic landscape and the iconic riding segments that have come from there.

I remember my first trip to Green River Utah in 2012 the views had me in awe. Something about riding there is quite humbling. You really just need to go and see for yourself. This was my second time to Green River, no longer being a fresh canvas and with an idea of what to expect from my first visit we gave ourselves some time to explore.

It’s crazy how vast everything is and how much bigger things get when you get up close. We spent the first couple days shooting ridge lines and seeing if anything stood out for us.

We wanted to build something so we gave ourselves the option of checking a location outside of Green River. We were on the fence but finally found a spot to build a couple fun jumps. At this point we figured out we can spend our whole trip in Green River.

My perspective of what’s possible to ride started to change daily. Things that looked steep didn’t seem so steep anymore and things that looked not rideable started to look possible. Almost as if things seemed less scary to ride down then walk down.

I was happy just to get to go to Utah again, despite some windy days we were lucky with the weather and promising light. Even though I seemed to meet my goals for the trip I left wanting more knowing the possibilities seemed endless.

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