The new NXT Varia antiFOG packs 3 lens technologies into 1: NXT, Varia, and antiFOG. It’s engineered to ensure you get the best possible vision and protection in any light-condition. The new lens adapts to different types of weather and light-conditions with the fastest transition time. It’s MADE for any outdoor sports while still giving you the FLEXIBILITY of wearing it indoors.


In an incredibly sunny day, muted mild day, foggy, or cloudy day, the NXT Varia antiFOG lens will adapt to any condition in real-time. The new lens eliminates the need to carry or own multiple pairs of eyewear. NXT Varia antiFOG is truly an all-weather, all-season lens.



NXT® LENS: Lens material that provides superior optics compared to traditional lens materials. Extremely impact resistant: it was originally engineered for fighter jet canopies!

Varia™: Photochromic (transition) technology that changes the colour of the lens depending on the light conditions. Regular photochromic (transition) lenses change tints, but Ryders’ Varia changes colours with the fastest transition times. Our clear lens changes to grey. The yellow lens changes to brown. The rose lens changes to copper.

antiFOG: Military-grade fog resistance permanently bonded to the lens (will not rub off when cleaned).


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