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Glare comes in many forms, one of the most disruptive is the kind that bounces off of horizontal surfaces such as water, roads and windshields. It can hide important details and potential hazards. Our Injected Polarized lenses allow you to see through this glare, drastically enhancing definition and reducing the ambient haze of reflected light.

Most other polarized lenses on the market are made of two lenses glued together with a polarizing film in-between. These lenses contain adhesives and other imperfections that reduce clarity and increase eye strain. In contrast, RYDERS Polarized lenses are created using a state-of-the-art injection process. This process allows us to form the lenses precisely, embedding the polarization in the material itself. No adhesives. The result is an optically correct Polarized lens with extremely high clarity.

A standard for all RYDERS Polarized lenses

 Sometimes we think we’re protected, even when we’re not. The reality of sunglasses is that some unfiltered light, including UV, will reach your eye by reflecting off the back of the lens. When wearing dark, Polarized lenses, your pupils are dilated, making your eyes more vulnerable to UV damage. This is why we apply a premium AR coating to the back of these lenses. It not only provides more UV protection but it enhances clarity.


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Key highlights

100% UVA/UVB protection

Polycarbonate lens material

Hydrophobic/ scratch resistant hard coat

Allows the lens to remain free from droplets and water marks, and makes the lens several times more scratch


Light Weight

Less weight means more comfort, especially when being worn for long periods of time

Impact resistant

Extremely strong, durable, and more flexible than many lens materials

Anti reflective

Allows you to stay in the sun longer and see clearly 


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