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The Benefits of Polarized Lenses & Ability To See Your Mobile Device Screen

Perfect for the Outdoors...


Polarized lenses block out your mobile device screen. Ryders Eyewear's Polarized for Devices with antiFOG lens technology has the benefits of polarized lenses, but does not block out mobile device screens. Now, you can protect your eyes from harmful UVA-UVB rays and use your mobile devices simultaneously. PLUS, our lenses resist fogging. Polarized for Devices is perfect for running, biking, hiking, and just about any outdoor sports and activity you can think of.  


Moreover, normal polarized lenses can hide slippery surfaces, they can black out LCD screens, and they can produce undesirable optical anomalies that alter depth perception on features like sewer covers, windshields, and road patches.


The Polarized for Devices antiFOG lens is fine-tuned to give you the benefits of a polarized lens without the compromises, allowing it to filter out the blinding part of the glare without hiding a slippery surface or blacking out an LCD screen. It even minimizes optical anomalies and utilizes Ryders antiFOG and hydrophobic coatings so the lens remains as clear as possible for your entire ride. It’s the ultimate in clarity, definition, and fog-resistance, and it’s the first lens of its kind.


Polarized for Devices with antiFOG:

1 - Optimally polarized to not black out LCD screens

2 - Reduces glare and sharpens details

3 - Permanent military-grade antiFOG coating on inside of lens


Learn more about the polarized for devices antiFOG technology:

Key highlights

Fog resistant

You can run, cycle, hike without fearing of getting fogged

Hydrophilic scratch resistant coating

Polycarbonate lens material

Polarized for devices antiFOG

Don't black out LCD screens


Highest optics available

100% UVA/UVB protection

Light weight

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