Recycle Program - Save 25%

RYDERS reCYCLE PROGRAM – 25% off your next purchase

We want your previously-loved or damaged RYDERS eyewear. In exchange, we’ll give you 25% off your next online purchase from How would you like to turn those old RYDERS into a brand new pair of antiFOG or veloPOLAR™? Perhaps you crashed and scratched the lenses. Or, maybe your fashion tastes have changed since 1986. Regardless, rather than send these glasses to the landfill, we can find another use for them. If they’re in decent shape we’ll donate them to someone in need of eye protection. If they’ve been subjected to unfortunate circumstances, that’s OK too. We can reuse the good parts and dispose of the remaining pieces responsibly.


All you need to do is follow the instructions below and before you know it you’ll have a shiny new pair of RYDERS on your face.

STEP 1: Fill out this form
STEP 2: Mail the form and item(s) to RYDERS headquarters

Once received, we’ll review the form and the item and get back to you with your discount code.



Items must be complete—two temples, two lenses and a frame that are all part of the original product purchased. Scratched, broken or damaged glasses are acceptable provided they are complete. We reserve the right to determine the eligibility of items submitted according to the goals of the program. We reuse what we can, recycle what we cannot. ALL items must be sent via post/mail, not by courier. If the item(s) returned do not meet the terms of this policy, you will be required to pay for the cost of the return shipping. ALL replacement orders must be made online at Once RYDERS receives the item(s), you will be contacted. This program is offered ONLY to individuals who have purchased RYDERS eyewear from an authorized RYDERS dealer (online dealers included). Products not purchased at an authorized dealer will not be considered eligible for the reCYCLE program.

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