RYDERS Eyewear Launches into Europe — PRESS RELEASE — Aug 30, 2017

RYDERS Eyewear in Europe. Press Release.


With RYDERS Eyewear in Europe attending the Eurobike 2017 trade show, a new player will enter the European market of bike, sport and outdoor glasses. RYDERS is a real heavyweight, it’s not just another one of the countless new labels that resells the designs of OEM manufacturers. It’s an authentic brand that designs its products based on the deep understanding of its customers’ needs. Founded in 1986, the Canadian company is one of the leading manufacturers of bike and sports eyewear in North America today. As a subsidiary of the optics group Essilor, RYDERS enjoys quick and direct access to Essilor’s state-of-the-art eyewear technologies, aiming to offer some of the world’s best sport eyewear.

Ryders Eurobike Product Booth

RYDERS Eyewear emerged from the legendary North Shore Vancouver bike scene in the early years of mountain biking. Today, the heart and soul of the brand remains in mountain biking and road cycling, but it has diversified into other mountain/adventure sports and lifestyles. Since its founding, RYDERS has provided athletes and enthusiasts with the best-suited lenses and frames – technologies that provide measurable benefits and solutions that are truly relevant to their customers.

Starting in 2018, RYDERS Eyewear will strategically develop the European market. Agents, reps and distributors already exist in key markets, and they currently have a central warehouse in the UK for efficient logistics.

At the 2017 Eurobike trade show in Friedrichshafen, RYDERS will be exhibiting in Europe for the first time.

“We have been preparing for expansion into this market for 18 months, and our attendance at Eurobike represents our official launch into Europe.”, explains General Manager Jayson Faulkner, formerly one of founders of the outdoor brand Arc’teryx and still an enthusiastic North Shore mountain biker, “Europe, we are ready to go!”

Faulkner is well aware that nobody is desperately waiting for a new sport eyewear brand. Yet, he sees important arguments on his side:

“We are authentic. We have a long heritage. And with the FYRE lens, we offer the most technologically advanced lens on the market.

It combines five cutting-edge technologies that have never been put into one lens before. We are also highly innovative with our frames. The Invert is a unique, patented design that which runs along the bottom of the lens instead of over the top, and is utilized in a number of our performance-oriented frames. This improves the field of vision, combats fogging, and provides protection for the athlete’s face in the event of a crash. This is what performance eyewear should be!”

Ryders Eyewear in Europe booth