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If you’ve made it to this page, you’ve probably discovered that we make eyewear. But we also do other things. One of those things is supporting people and groups who contribute to the culture of bicycling. From trail builders to events to athletes, we like to support those who act as the pulse of our community.

Without the trails there is no mountain biking, and without builders there are no trails. Builders truly are the unsung heroes of the mountain biking community.


Our brand was born on the trails. We know first-hand what the sport of mountain biking can bring to people’s lives. Without the trails there is no mountain biking, and without builders there are no trails. Builders truly are the unsung heroes of the mountain bike community.

We currently support a number of trail building organizations such as the North Shore Mountain Bike Association, the Tri-cities Off Road Cycling Association, the Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association, and the Kamloops Bike Riders Association, to name a few.

We do this through donations, trail adoption, and in the case of the NSMBA we add labour into the mix. But we can always do more. If you know of an organization or a local builder who could use our support, please let us know.

The more trails the better.




The Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association is a group whose primary goal is to maintain and develop the vast trail network throughout BC’s Fraser Valley. The FVMBA also acts as the public face for the area’s thriving mountain bike community.


The team behind the infamous North Shore trails. Ryders has been proudly adopting trails on the North Shore since 2011. This year, we’re rebuilding a North Shore classic, “Digger”, named after Todd “Digger” Fiander.



The Loops has produced some of the world’s best riders. The Kamloops Bike Riders Association makes sure these developing riders have a sustainable training ground. Ryders began supporting the KRBA in 2015, and will continue until the world explodes.


Tri-Cities Off Road Cycling Association promotes the responsible planning, design, construction, and maintenance of mountain bike trails around Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Burnaby, BC. Ryders is currently a gold level sponsor of TORCA.



DIG 2 RIDE is a youth trail building program based out of Rossland, BC. The program focuses on equipping youth with the tools needed for responsible trail building, teaching everything from how to create jumps to how to control erosion and drainage. After a day of trailwork, the trail leaders shuttle the kids to the top of the mountain so they can ride what they just built.



Ryders is committed to supporting the biking community — here are a few of our favourite events.


Trailblazer Series

The Trailblazer is a 3 race event put on by our friends at the Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association. Ranging from cross country to enduro, these races showcase some of the best trails that the Valley has to offer.

Test of Metal

Test of Metal is a grueling race located in Squamish, BC that takes racers on a 67km course with over 1,200 metres of climbing. The average competitor takes 4 hours to complete the race.


Sugar Showdown

This ladies-only event focuses on freeride skills such as jumping, dropping, and wall rides. The first day is dedicated to training – participants receive lessons from some of the best MTB coaches in the world. Day 2 is a day of friendly competition, where the ladies put their new skills to use.

Sturdy Dirty Enduro

Washington State’s only women-specific enduro race, the Sturdy Dirty features several race categories to include people of all skill levels. The race is notorious for its fun environment, and contributes to the growth of women’s involvement in mountain biking.


BC Bike Race

BC Bike Race is a rigorous, seven-day stage race through some of the world’s greatest singletrack. RYDERS has been a proud sponsor since year one (2007). Each year, the team at BC Bike Race works tirelessly to showcase hundreds of kilometres of pristine BC singletrack to mountain bikers from all over the world. As a North Vancouver company embedded in the mountain bike scene, the relationship that RYDERS has with this event is natural and we feel a huge sense of pride as we welcome the racers to our backyard.



From up and comers to bike-industry legends, we support an array of athletes who help further cycling culture. The Ryders team is fed a strict diet of lenses to assist them in their performance.

Featured Athletes >


At Ryders, we are passionate about giving back to our community. We partner with a number of organizations that create real, positive impacts in people’s lives through the sport of cycling. 



Endless Biking

Endless Biking is committed to building a sustainable future for the sport of mountain biking by providing life-changing experiences and world-class services. With options designed for everyone from beginners to experts, they’re somehow making mountain biking even more fun than it already is by offering world renowned instruction, guided mountain bike tours on the legendary North Shore and pro level rentals so you can ride the bikes that EB rides – all from an impressive roster of professionals.

RYDERS is proud to be the official eyewear sponsor of Endless Biking, keeping their eyes safe and fog-free while they promote mountain biking on the North Shore and around BC.


Live to Ride

Live to Ride is a youth mountain bike program in Kelowna, BC that helps local youth develop a passion for mountain biking while simultaneously offering mentorship and guidance.


Ashes to Dust Mountain Bike Camp

Ashes to Dust is an annual mountain bike camp in Kelowna for youth-at-risk. The young men who participate in the camp do not typically have access to organized sports. The camp is led by professional mountain bikers and incorporates interpersonal and leadership skills in addition to mountain bike skills.



Muddbunnies is a community of women who like to ride bikes, with chapters in Vancouver, BC, Seattle, WA, and Bellingham, WA. Muddbunnies has a simple mission, to empower and encourage women to ride bikes on dirt.


Sprockids was originally developed in 1990 as a self esteem and anger management program to help students succeed in school. Since then, Sprockids has evolved into a multi-faceted program engaging thousands of young people in the lifelong activity of mountain biking while teaching them the skills, values, and strategies to succeed in life. The program is now used in over 20 countries by teachers, coaches, cycling clubs, youth organizations, law enforcement agencies, and parents.

Sprockids is all about changing the role and definition of sports in our society. Being active and having fun should be a part of everyday life.

RYDERS is very proud to have had the privilege to be involved with Sprockids for so many years. It has been incredible to witness the program grow into what it is today and to see how many kids have had the opportunity to experience it.

The Sprockids mission statement says it all: “Through the sport of mountain biking young people will have the opportunity to develop the skills, values, and strategies that will guide them throughout their lives and enable them to successfully reach their full potential.”