Summer Sports and Sunglasses

The Perfect Match: Ryders Eyewear and Summer Sports

Written by Glen Comrie, Avid Cyclist
June 10, 2019


Summer sports and Ryders eyewear go together like a ball and glove. While Ryders is a name usually associated with bike-based activities like road cycling and mountain biking, our technology and designs are versatile enough to suit all sports. Whatever keeps you active this summer, be it competitive or just for fun, Ryders delivers vision, comfort, flexibility and durability like no other eyewear can. These three models in particular are real winners

Seventh: For sporting types who want to look as good as they perform, we massively recommend Seventh. We think they’re the most stylish, sport semi-rim you can get, and it is easy to see why. The Seventh’s flat top gives it a more casual appearance than similar glasses that look almost too sporty and aggressive.

Seventh blends panache with performance. While these glasses are ultra-stylish, they actually out-perform many other frames because of the fully-adjustable, hydrophilic nose pads and temple tips – these allow you to custom fit the frame to suit your face and your helmet, as well as the preferred amount of airflow behind the lens. Speaking of lens, this is another area where Seventh beats all others.

Ryders veloPOLAR lens has been developed specifically for road cyclists. They’re light years ahead of traditional polarized lenses, which often hide slippery surfaces, black out LCD screens on cycling computers, and produce optical anomalies that alter depth perception on features like sewer covers and road patches. On the other hand, the veloPOLAR lens has been fine-tuned to give road cyclists all the pros of polarized technology and none of the cons you’ve just read about.

Norvan: The shape of the frame is unmistakable: wayfarer. But while the frame is a classic, the technical elements within Norvan glasses make these wayfarers truly innovative.  Features like snap hinges, a vented frame to channel airflow, interchangeable nose pads, inner temple hydrophilic rubber, make Norvan one of our more popular models. They might not look like traditional sports eyewear, with all those sleek and aerodynamic angles, but for sheer comfort, fit and style when you’re doing things that are not too full on, like walking, golfing or sailing, Norvan can’t be beaten.

Keeping your eye on the ball is made easier with the polarized lens. It cuts out glare and ambient haze, while dramatically boosting definition and your ability to see through reflections. As our polarized lenses are injected, and not laminated like many other brands, there’s no need for adhesives, and no imperfections that affect clarity. Each lens also features a hydrophobic and scratch-resistant finish, and our premium anti-reflective coating on the back. Crucially, with summer sports in mind, and hours in the sun in prospect, Norvan glasses will look after your eyes with 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection, a feature shared in all of our lenses.

Roam: Riders love Ryders for many reasons. One of them is the versatility of our eyewear, and no model proves that better than Roam. Because of the removable Invert frame, the Roam switches from a rimless road cycling shield to a more muscular mountain bike semi-rim. But we’re just warming up! We’ve also given the frame fully adjustable nose pads and temple tips, so it will be a perfect fit on pretty much every face.

As well as being adaptable, Roam boasts another feature that makes it an unbeatable choice for guys on bikes, or anyone doing summer sports: the Ryders FYRE lens, which combines the five most innovative advancements in sports optics:

NXT – Advanced impact protection and superior optics.

antiFOG – Military-grade fog-resistance.

VARIA – Fast-acting, wide-range photochromic technology.

colourBOOST – 20% faster colour recognition.

MLV MIRROR – Allows VARIA to perform at its full potential.

FYRE is a world beating lens. The only lens with versatility, fog-resistance and clarity in such abundance. This makes Roam one of our most sought-after eyewear models, not just by people on bikes but by anyone wanting to look their best, and see even better, when they’re doing their sporty thing this summer.