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Warranty details

Proof of purchase is required for all manufacturer’s defect claims and crash replacements. Lost or stolen items are not covered for obvious reasons. Purchases made online through unauthorized dealers and/or auctions (i.e. eBay) are NOT covered under our warranty. Only authentic RYDERS EYEWEAR products will be warrantied. This warranty shall not apply to any defects or damage caused by improper or unreasonable use of the products. All warranties that are implied by law are also limited for three (3) years from the date of purchase. For this warranty to apply, purchases must have been made in Canada or the US, from an authorized RYDERS EYEWEAR dealer.



After completing the warranty claim form, simply email it with a copy of your proof of purchase to We will review the form and contact you about further instructions. To avoid duty charges, please be sure to indicate that the product has a ZERO dollar value.

Return to dealer: Where possible, if RYDERS determines that the glasses cannot be repaired, but do have a material or a manufacturing defect, we may ask you to bring your glasses where you purchased them. The retailer will then provide you with a replacement pair of sunglasses at no cost to you. If they are not currently carrying the model you are returning, you have the option of replacing it with a model of equal or lesser value.

Return to RYDERS: If the RYDERS dealer cannot replace your glasses, then RYDERS EYEWEAR will do so. We require that you send us some pictures of your glasses so we can identify the issue at hand. If we can’t accurately identify the issue, we will ask you to return them with a copy of the warranty claim form AND the proof of purchase. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1.800.665.2903. We recommend that you send in your eyewear using a traceable shipping method.



If you break or damage your sunglasses because you miscalculated a landing, forgot they were in your jersey pocket when you sat down at the pub, dropped them, lenses first, onto sharp gravel, or any other mishap that can befall an active person like yourself, you can apply to the “Crash Replacement Program”.

The process is the same as a warranty claim. After completing the crash replacement form simply email the form with pictures of the damaged product to We will review the form and contact you about further instructions. You may be eligible to purchase a replacement pair of RYDERS EYEWEAR for 50% off the retail price. This is a one-time occurrence: You cannot crash replace a crash replacement. You can only use the “crash discount” towards 1 (one) new product.



Anti-slip nose pads: All nose anti-slip pads may eventually wear out. The material is softer—that’s why it works—and can be damaged by chemicals from sunscreen, bug repellent, etc.. Worn-out or broken-down anti-slip nose pads are not considered to be a manufacturing defect. In some instances, we may be able to replace nose pads, depending on stock availability. Simply email us at and include your name, address and a note letting us know what model you have and what you need. The model name and number are located inside the arm of your glasses (e.g. Rockslide R447-006).

Photochromic lenses: ALL Photochromic lenses in the world, regardless of brand or manufacturer, will degrade in their ability to transition/react to sunlight over time. The best-before date on this technology is approximately two years after the date of purchase. After two years, the molecules responsible for the lightening and darkening of the lens degrade, meaning their range from light to dark will get increasingly narrower. It is similar to a rechargeable battery that holds less and less charge as it ages. The lenses will continue to provide all of the UV protection as always—it’s just the Photochromic performance that will be affected by time. The Photochromicness (yup, that’s a word) is performing as expected if it starts to fade after a couple of years and therefore when this starts to happen, it will not be considered a defect. It’s just the nature of the technology—and it’s worth it.